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Easter / Ostara Witch Market at the Britannia Panopticon

Get ready for a Magical Afternoon in the City Centre!

Let's celebrate Easter/Ostara at Glasgow's returning WITCH MARKET, and make a toast for the Spring by drinking our Witchy Themed cocktails at the bar! 🧙‍

Find everything you need for your Easter Decorations or the Ostara ritual preparations, Ornaments, self-care, and all the occult witchy supplies your heart desires!

Candles, Incenses, Crystals, Ritual Baths, Books, Mystery Boxes, Curiosities, Herbs, Magical Oils, and much, much more.

And don't forget about our Tarot and Palmistry Readers!

Get your Witchy mood on, wear your flower crown, and let's get going!!!


Doors open at 12:00.

Facebook Event:

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