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Postage & Delivery: ANNOUNCEMENT

Postage & Delivery: ANNOUNCEMENT

Hello everyone, this is more of a reminder than an announcement, but we felt that we had to remind everyone of this since we have gotten a few messages in our inbox.

1) Christmas Presents:

As we mention in our previous announcements and on the website, we are not able to guarantee for Christmas Presents delivery on time for orders placed on the 15th of December and after. First of all because we are operating with half our staff due to lockdown restrictions and secondly because due to the pandemic, postal services are completely out of control.

2) Tracking Numbers:

As it says everywhere (terms, shipping, warnings, checkout, announcements) on the checkout you have the options to select between ECONOMY and TRACKED.

Economy does not come with any tracking or insurance, while Tracked and Signed comes with a tracking number and insurance for loss or damage from Royal mail (You deal with royal mail for the insurance not us).

If you have ordered something and you chose to take the risk of ordering economy, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it, not even Royal Mail itself can track the parcel as there is no reference number in the system for it.

As a quite funny meme we saw earlier yesterday said:

"I don't need who needs to hear this, but stop tracking this parcel, it's in the hands of God now" 🤣🤣🤣

All humour aside, we are always trying our best to provide you with services and products of the highest quality, so please help us make our day a bit easier by paying attention to the announcements we share with you.

Have a lovely holiday everyone <3

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