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"Lunations" is the debut poetry collection by Xanthe E. Horner, a celestial body of work harnessing the archetypes of the femenine as expressed through the phases of the moon. An alchemical synthesis between image and text evokes the interplay of opposites. Horner's words are conjurings, transporting the reader on an inner voyage through darkness and light.


Lunations presents a unique constellation of interconnections between the mythic, tarot symbology and abstract philosophical concepts, a reflection of Horner's extensive and integrated knowledge as a tarot reader and magickal practitioner. Lunations is a collection of poems and illustrations that both humanises and exalts, expressing the arcane and the mundane as two parts of a greater whole, as articulated through both the embodied and abstracted femenine. A work that is part myth, part magick, part poetical grimoir, Lunations draws down the moon for a new generation of initiates.




Page Count: 52

Language: English

Dimensions: 15.24 x 0.3 x 22.86 cm

Publication Date: 10 Jun. 2021


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