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AT LEAST £40 worth of goodies in each box!


Our SUBSCRIPTION BOX boasts a unique selection of the best WITCHY SUPPLIES!


SUBSCRIBE and get yours at your door EVERY MONTH!

Subscription Box PNG.png

Each Subscription Box contains at least 10 items, and the contents are a selection (not all) of the following:

  • Magical Oils

  • Loose Incense

  • Spell Candles

  • Herbs

  • Magical Herbal Mix

  • Magical Bath Salts

  • Mojo Bags

  • Magical Powders

  • Spell Packs

  • Spell Supplies and Ingredients

  • Stones and Crystals

  • Jewellery

  • Charms and other Trinkets

  • ALWAYS includes a
    LIMITED EDITION item that is
    NOT sold in our shop and it's only
    available through the
    Subscription Box.

    Every Month, find at least
              5 Exclusive
    Witchcraft Emporium 
    items that cannot be found
    anywhere else in the world, as they
    are hand-crafted by us!

For SINGLE or One Off boxes or for

boxes without the subscription,

please click the following button:

2019 - September PNG.png

Sample Box - September 2019

Herb of the Month: Alfalfa
Crystal/Stone of the Month: Aventurine (Green)
Oil of the Month: All Purpose
Herbal Spell Mix of the Month: Attraction
Magical Loose Incense of the Month: Wealth & Prosperity
Hoodoo Powder of the Month: Adam & Eve
Badge of the Month: Basic Witch

In the box of this month you also get:
•Frankincense and Myrrh Incense Sticks
•Dead Sea Salt
•SPELLS Enamel Pin
•Charcoal Tabs

2019 - October.png

Sample Box - October 2019


Herb of the Month: Hibiscus Flowers
Crystal/Stone of the Month: Bloodstone
Oil of the Month: Samhain Sabbath Oil
Herbal Spell Mix of the Month: Dark Arts
Magical Loose Incense of the Month: Dreaming Prophet
Hoodoo Powder of the Month: Black Cat
Badge of the Month: WICKED

In the box of this month you also get:
•Frankincense Resin Incense
•Pumpkin Chocolate Pop

  • Creepy Jelly Candy

  • Trick or Treat Candy

  • Spooktacular Spiderweb Wrap

Choose your pricing plan

  • United Kingdom

    Every month
    Monthly Subscription Box
  • International

    Every month
    Monthly Subscription Box

This will renew automatically every month.

Each one is shipped in a plain looking parcel in order not to raise any suspicions, so you don't have to worry about nosy neighbours or the parcel arriving when you have guests!


After you subscribe for your box, please message us via the contact form with your full name and postal details OR update all the details on your profile. If we do not have your full details we won't be able to send out your boxes on time.


Boxes will be shipped on the 15th of each month (weekends and bank holidays excluded) and the P&P is INCLUDED in the price.

You can unsubscribe at any time, Simply e-mail us to let us know! (Do so before the 5th of the month and before your renewal payment has gone through)

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