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The First Scottish Goddess Conference is underway! 13th-19th September 2021

We are very excited to announce that the First Scottish Goddess Conference is underway, and we are proud to be its sponsors!

This September we are going to bear witnesses to the first Goddess Conference ever held in Scotland. This initiative comes to us from the Scota Goddess Temple, with profits going towards building a physical space for the first public Goddess Temple to be opened in Scotland!

This Conference promises to be a great event with the line of speakers including some very big names in the Pagan World such as Selena Fox, Kristoffer Hughes, Sorita d'Este, Jhenah Telyndru, Jack Grayle, Judika Illes, Danu Forest and Lesley Jackson to name but a few! Not to mention the stellar live music from the amazing Wendy Rule and Laura Powers! The first tickets will be released this Thursday 11th until Monday 15th (or until they sell out!) with a significant discount on the general price! These Super Early Bird Tickets are in a limited number from only 17.50 GBP during these days.

For more details visit the website here:

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02 giu 2021

Wow well done it's about time👏👏❤️

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