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These Golems serve as physical binding points for Servitors and Thoughtforms. Since the statues contain personal “parts” of the Thoughtform's creator, among other ingredients, they create the ultimate bond between Servitor and Creator.


A Golem, in Hebrew גֹּלֶם, is an anthropomorphic being that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter, specifically clay or mud. The word Golem that means "my light form", "raw" material, connoting the unfinished human being before God's eyes.


A Servitor also called a Thoughtform or Tulpa, is an entity made entirely of one's spiritual energy and mental powers. Its purpose is to aid its creator in their magical workings, help them complete tasks and achieve goals, protect them or even be set to do tasks on their own. A servitor can work along with its creator or independently.



How to get your own:


1 – Imagine how you would like your servitor to look like. It could be a vague form or something a bit more detailed. It is best not to be extremely detailed with the physical appearance.


2 – Contact us to discuss the details about the form, properties etc.



What you will get:


  • A Golem statue made of mineral clay that has been mixed with crystal powder, oils and other ingredients based on the traditional Hebrew recipe. The Golem is crafted with a cavity in which you will add the personal components.

  • A piece of clay to close the cavity and finish up the statue after you insert the parts.

  • A Scroll with detailed instructions on how to finish up the Golem, how to create, bind and activate the Servitor and other advice that will help you plan the creation of your Servitor.


The Golem measures approximately 20cm (8 inches) tall.



Contacting us during or after your spell is being cast:


We do not provide any further consultation, magical support, or troubleshooting beyond the initial casting or arrangement, so if you would like any additional works we will treat it as a new service.

Please do not contact us immediately after the spell has been cast if you think that it hasn't worked instantly or exactly how you wanted it to work, some times it takes a bit longer and works in an indirect way to get the result. (See terms and conditions below for a more detailed explanation).

Please be patient and do not contact us during the casting period for any additional things or questions.

We do not tolerate any form of harassment (verbal of physical) such as hate speech/mail, physical contact, continuous spam, or other forms of abuse, ever. So you have been warned. Also, if this happens prior or during the casting period, we reserve the right to terminate your petition/casting without issuing a refund.







With spells, rituals, and magical work in general, you have to be very careful with what you wish for. Your intent will be the source/fuel for our spell/ritual, we might provide the personal work, the ingredients, prayers, techniques, ritual works etc. but your own intent is what will drive the result of the casting. Also the way you present it in your Petition. So make sure that your petition is accurate and not vague as it will be interpreted objectively.

We do not (with some exceptions) do spell reversals, so once the spell is cast, there is no return.


A very important thing to consider before purchasing a service or contacting us is that we will not cure you from serious physical illness or disability, or provide psychological support (you should seek medical help for that). Also we will not deliberately hex or cause harm to someone on your behalf.


Due to the nature of these magical works, there is no 100% guarantee or time-scales on the results. Magic is some times unpredictable and none can really make guaranteed claims, so if someone does makes claims such as “100% guaranteed or your money back” etc, we advise you to stay away from them as they are probably fraudsters.

Therefore we charge the set fee for our services and works (time, materials, running costs etc.) and not for the result.

Usually spells and rituals take around 2-6 months to work and come in full effect, but this however depends on each individual's situation, the stakes, the end goals etc. Some times the results might not seem accurate enough, but remember, Magic always gives you what you need, when you need it, and what will benefit your future and not always what you want or when you want it. Some times what we want could be harmful for our future, so Magic gives us what we need instead.




As we explained before, there is no such thing as a guarantee or time-scales when it comes to magic and magical works such as spell-casting and rituals. And this is why we charge for our work, time, materials, and services and not for a guaranteed result. Therefore we will NOT issue refunds for any spells, rituals and other works that have already been cast simply because you think they took too long or didn't work as you expected. By purchasing this product/service you are doing so at your own will and at your own risk, and you agree that we will not be held liable for any outcomes.


We reserve the right to refuse (or refund) spells that we do not wish to cast based on moral, ethical, and legal reasons.




We are a traditional coven of practitioners and we only sell GENUINE products of exceptional quality. Our products are AUTHENTIC and HANDMADE by us according to our members' family recipes, with the finest traditional ingredients (genuine essential oils, organic herbs, plant oils, high grade minerals and more), ethically sourced, and prepared with care, love, and intention in a ritualistic way.


Cheaper versions and knock-offs of these products are mass produced in factories (wholesale) using generic recipes, synthetic fragrances, plastic fibres, unethically sourced materials etc. and made with questionable methods. But NOT ours!


Ours, are made in the traditional way that has been passed down from one generation to the other, and specially crafted just for you! Nevertheless, we do try indeed to keep our prices as low as possible for you to enjoy the products and supplies you want at an affordable price.


Please remember! At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.





By purchasing any magical service, work or product through our website you confirm to have read, understood, and agreed to the policies and the terms and conditions of our website.



Golem Servitor - Large

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