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This Majestic “Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant (Original)” is both a beautiful piece of statement jewellery ad a powerful tool of well-being.


THIS IS THE ORIGINAL Quantum Pendant, made in Japan using the latest nano-technology.

It emits approximately 4000-5000 negative ions and contains Japanese Volcanic Lava. And it will work for life!


It comes complete with a certificate of authenticity card.


It measures 4.2cm in height.


We have decided to battle the market of knock off products, so we will be giving the ORIGINAL Quantum Pendant to you at almost COST-PRICE.



Scalar Energy proposes getting energy from nothing - energy from vacuum. It is also called zero point energy.

Scalar energy was discovered in the 19th century (theory and practical); however its uses towards the human body have only come to existence over the past few years. Scalar energy not only protects the body from the effect of harmful radiation, but it also enhances the body's energy level of each cell, bio electric field and may stop the spread of harmful diseases like cancer.



Scalar Energy Pendant is one of the revolutionary product in health and wellness industry. This is now the hottest product in the world as far as wellness accessory is concern. Why? Because since scalar energy pendant was introduced into the market 4 years ago, there was a tremendous effect into the bodies of those who used it. Testimonials are growing significantly. Each user has their own respective testimonies to tell.

The Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant is a wearable handmade jewelry pendant made from special Japanese volcanic lava containing over 70 Natural Minerals which emit energy which positively benefits the body, manufactured & processed under extreme temperature before it is coagulated to form bio-ceramics under low temperature treatment & structurally bonded together at a molecular level. Our Quantum Science Pendant provides the highest negative ion count in the market making it the standard to which all other Scalar Energy Pendants are held.

They combine in the mixture the deep-sea volcanic rocks only found in Japan and emits more scalar energy than any Quantum Pendant in the industry guaranteed. Scalar Energy Pendant™ emits natural scalar energy because of the minerals inside it like germanium and tourmaline, etc. Germanium is a very popular mineral stone commonly and widely used as therapy for cancer patients. It improves blood circulation and promotes natural healing. It contains tourmaline, a very powerful stone that have negative (-) ions. This Quantum Energy Pendant emits scalar energy including the essential K40 resonance that promotes positive flow of energy & helps to maintain energy balance. You can get the same energy level of 2500 negative ions naturally in nature by going to water falls or caves. 2500 negative ions can only emit scalar energy that can penetrate up to 2″ deep in our body. Where as 3000-4000 negative ions can go as far as 4″ & energizes water & food faster. Our pendants have been tested to give off 3500-4000 negative ions!

This pendant restores the natural balance of our body. Due to the negative effect of "Electro-Pollution" (these are radiations from electronic gadgets and appliances), the electrical properties of our cells was imbalanced. These imbalances causes our cells to become weak which result to more stress and lower energy level.

Upon wearing the pendant, the natural balance will instantly restore in the body therefore gaining back your original strength. When the electrical properties of our cells is balanced, these will automatically promotes natural healing because our cells become active in doing their respective jobs in the body system.

Scalar energy is a natural energy created by our very earth & doesn’t pose any negative side effects. It can help to harmonize your body’s life-force by absorbing heat energy and transforming it into bio-energy which helps your body’s metabolic functions achieve holistic wellness, in other words it helps to balance overall body functions. Wear it as a pendant around your neck or carry it in your pocket. The scalar energy from the Quantum Pendant works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly scalar energy enhances the body’s bio-field, this helps to repel negative energies such as EMFs. Inwardly it works to facilitate cell permeability and thereby enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body, this can be witnessed by live blood cell microscopy tests.





Our products may not be the cheapest on the market like other “high-street” occult brands, but this is because we are not like these brands.


We are a traditional coven of practitioners and we only sell GENUINE products of exceptional quality. Our products are AUTHENTIC and HANDMADE by us according to our members' family recipes, with the finest traditional ingredients (genuine essential oils, organic herbs, plant oils, high grade minerals and more), ethically sourced, and prepared with care, love, and intention in a ritualistic way.


Cheaper versions and knock-offs of these products are mass produced in factories (wholesale) using generic recipes, synthetic fragrances, plastic fibres, unethically sourced materials etc. and made with questionable methods. But NOT ours!


Ours, are made in the traditional way that has been passed down from one generation to the other, and specially crafted just for you! Nevertheless, we do try indeed to keep our prices as low as possible for you to enjoy the products and supplies you want at an affordable price.


Please remember! At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.





By purchasing any magical service, work or product through our website you confirm to have read, understood, and agreed to the policies and the terms and conditions of our website.



*Colours might be slightly different due to monitor calibration.

Quantum Pendant (Original)

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