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Christmas Harry Potter Quiz & Yule Ball

Let's celebrate ๐ŸŽ„ CHRISTMAS ๐ŸŽ„ in the most Magical way possible! ~ FREE ENTRY ~


We are hosting the โšก Ultimate Harry Potter quiz! โšก With a Yule Ball, and activities to follow! So get your wizarding quills ready, dust off your Harry Potter trivia, brush off your magical knowledge, and get ready!

โšกโšกโšกโšกโšก THE QUIZ โšกโšกโšกโšกโšก

The Quiz consists of several rounds, each with its own subject. Write down the answers on the specially designed Parchments (yes, for real!) and score as many winning points as you can to prove that you have what it takes to pass your O.W.L.s exams and come top of your class!

โšกโšกโšกโšกโšก THERE IS MORE โšกโšกโšกโšกโšก

Just after the Quiz results, the Yule Ball will start! Grab your wizarding partner and lets get dancing to magically theme beats!

In the meantime there will be: - A market in which you can get wizarding goodies - A Tarot and Palmistry Reader to tell your fortunes - And a raffle with many prizes!

Seats are limited so please come in early! Find the event here:

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